The Oil & Gas Industry has presented difficult challenges to researchers in fighting the effects of corrosion — in economic loss and environmental safety. The total annual cost of corrosion in the oil and gas production industry is estimated to be $1.372 billion, more specifically $589 million in surface pipeline and facility costs, $463 million annually in downhole tubing expenses, and another $320 million in capital expenditures related to corrosion.1 Cortec's capability offers highly efficient and economical corrosion protection for Oil and Gas applications. Cortec® products have been developed using proprietary VpCI® Technology. Cortec® VpCIs are a safe, cost-effective method for preventing and diminishing the severe damage caused by corrosive process streams. Utilizing Cortec's corrosion inhibiting products will help companies within the oil and gas industries to comply with safety, health, and environmental policies as well as reduce unplanned maintenance and deferment costs.


VpCI's offer an environmentally safe method of treatment with low toxicity and low polluting effects. Unlike corrosion inhibiting systems of the past, many of Cortec® VpCl's do not contain chromates or other heavy metals, nitrites, or chlorinated hydrocarbons. With Cortec® VpCls you can turn the tables on corrosion. With the support of our corrosion scientists, engineers, and testing facility, Cortec® can provide simple, environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions to corrosion problems.

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