NEWS ALERT: Is Your Backup Offshore Power System Ready for Emergencies?

Lightning strikes, strong winds, hurricanes, corrosion, or equipment malfunctions can cause power outages on an offshore oil rig. The loss of electricity can lead to lost production, safety hazards, and even oil spills. Backup power systems and UPSs (uninterrupted power supplies) are therefore indispensable. But what happens if those backup power systems fail or are not ready for immediate use? Cortec® encourages adequate preservation to make sure offshore operators do not have to find out the answer firsthand.

backup offshore power

Types of Backup Power Supplies

Most offshore platforms are powered either by onsite gas turbines or power cables connected to land. When these fail, generator sets or emergency power cables are among the most common backup power equipment. Gen sets may include generators and a variety of other electrical controls and switchgear housed in their own room. Backup power cables may be stored onshore but outdoors, ready for deployment to any one of dozens of offshore platforms in the area.

Corrosion Protection for Immediate Use

Preservation technologies like those available from Cortec® Corporation can help ensure these systems are ready for immediate use. For example, the VpCI®-308 Pouch can be placed inside the generator housing, or the generator core can be sprayed with ElectriCorr VpCI®-239 to mitigate the effects of corrosion. VpCI®-105 Emitters (protect 5 ft[0.14 m3]), VpCI®-111 Emitters (protect 11 cubic feet [0.31 m3]), and VpCI®-308 Pouches (protect 35.3 ft3 [1 m3]) can be placed inside control panels based on the size of the enclosure. Similar to a diffuser or air freshener, VpCI® Pouches and Emitters release corrosion inhibiting vapors that diffuse throughout these enclosed spaces. The Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors are attracted to metal surfaces, where they form a protective molecular layer that interrupts the corrosion process but does not interfere with electrical functions.

MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film pairs similar chemistry with a heavy duty, UV resistant polyethylene film that can be used to wrap equipment such as backup power cable drums for protection against corrosion and physical damage. This was done for an oil and gas company with 40-50 offshore rigs that stored giant backup power cable reels onshore and needed to protect them from the effects of salt spray, wind, rain, and UV for as many as five or ten years, if not more. They enlisted their trusted Cortec® distributor Presserv to perform the service.

Find a Custom Corrosion Solution

Cortec® is eager to provide support for offshore operators who find themselves in similar need of a preservation plan for their emergency backup power systems. Contact Cortec® to discuss the specific corrosion needs of your offshore platform.

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