PRESS RELEASE: Take the Next Logical Step: Tank Bottom Protection at Any Stage of Service Life

Thousands of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) around the world face the challenge of achieving safety and longevity. Not least among concerns is the corrosion that attacks hidden tank bottoms and can lead to costly repairs or dangerous leaks. While the characteristics of these environments make corrosion protection difficult, the nature of CorroLogic® VpCI® Technology makes it a formidable opponent

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NEWS ALERT: Filling in the Gaps of Cased Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) techniques have reduced the number of new cased pipeline crossings installed under roads. However, that does not eliminate the fact that hundreds of thousands of existing cased pipelines around the world still have less than satisfactory corrosion protection. CorroLogic® VpCI® Gel Filler equips pipeline owners and maintenance crews to launch a campaign for pipeline integrity

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