NEWS ALERT: Is It Time to Review Your Preservation Specifications?

Preservation Specifications

It is not uncommon for a company with a preservation specification to continue using the same products and processes without reviewing the specification for a decade or two. However, because of the continuing development of new technologies and improved processes, Cortec® encourages end users to bring their old specs to Cortec® for review to ensure they are using the most up-to-date, efficient products and processes.

Are You Using the Latest Preservation Technology?

Old specs may include one or more obsolete products or older versions that have been replaced with newer ones. Sometimes, the specified product may work just fine, but a different product has been found to work better in that situation. Cortec® can help customers analyze which products to keep and which ones to replace with newer and better options.

Are You Using the Most Up-to-Date Preservation Processes?

Sometimes product changes go hand-in-hand with a change in process. For example, workers on one large oil and gas project found that an entire step could be eliminated by using a different product earlier in the manufacturing process. While the previous product would have worked fine, changing both the product and the process saved significant time and labor. In some cases, product recommendations remain the same, but the dosage drops as preservation specialists discover that the product is effective at 50% (or less) of what was previously used. This can save time and money and make cleanup easier.

Are You Ready for the Benefits of Preservation Spec Review?

Eric Uutala, Technical Sales & Product Manager, summarized the main reasons for periodic review: “In general, we are able to thoroughly review an existing procedure and see if there’s a better way, and that could be a more cost-efficient or time-efficient way.” If you want to make sure your preservation is as efficient and up-to-date as possible, don’t hesitate to contact Cortec® for help reviewing your preservation specifications!

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