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NEWS ALERT: A Logical Solution to CUI on Oil & Gas Pipelines

Oil and gas pipelines are sometimes insulated to maintain the high or low temperatures of their contents. Unfortunately, compromised barrier wraps can allow the ingress of corrosives. Furthermore, the simple temperature difference between pipeline contents and ambient air can prompt condensation. Both issues can lead to unseen corrosion under insulation (CUI)—a threat to pipeline integrity.

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NEWS ALERT: NISTM Conference Reinforces CorroLogic® Position in Tank Protection Industry

The NISTM 16th Annual National Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show was a great time for Cortec® to bring CorroLogic® solutions to the world of ASTs (aboveground storage tanks) and simultaneously absorb a better understanding of this critical market. Traffic was great during the brief but concentrated day-and-a-half expo, allowing our highly skilled team (Eric Uutala, Bob Boyle, Jim

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NEWS ALERT: Is Your Backup Offshore Power System Ready for Emergencies?

Lightning strikes, strong winds, hurricanes, corrosion, or equipment malfunctions can cause power outages on an offshore oil rig. The loss of electricity can lead to lost production, safety hazards, and even oil spills. Backup power systems and UPSs (uninterrupted power supplies) are therefore indispensable. But what happens if those backup power systems fail or are

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