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Case History Spotlight #698: Fast and Easy Protection of Oil and Gas Equipment

A large manufacturer in Southeast Asia needed corrosion protection during hydrotesting, shipping, and storage of a variety of newly fabricated oil and gas equipment. They used VpCI®-649 BD to protect the boiler and drum during hydrotesting and applied VpCI®-609 to all equipment (reactors, vessels, columns, drums, separators, etc.) for six months of protection during shipping and prior to commissioning.

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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT #644: Oil Company Part Preservation

A major international oil company needed cleaning, preservation, and storage of spares at a warehouse in Qatar. The climate was harsh, with high fluctuating temperatures, 90% humidity, and fine blowing sand. Pipes, flanges, valves, fittings, and bolts were among the large and small parts undergoing preservation. Rust removal was done with VpCI®-422 and VpCI®-423, followed by cleaning with VpCI®-414. VpCI®-368 was

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